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ossiPubmed online | multi-site query | citation matcher

search term forwarder, linkout arborizer, reference to pubmed transcriptor
This is your multipurpose suite to retrieve the literature from medicine and the life sciences
which queries external webresources like publisher's sites, journal collections and
other open access information databases like DOAJ by a systematic algorithm on these online medical libraries.
Once entered, your search term feeds the external webresources which show their retrieved scientific reviews and article collections.

Items found by PubMed or PubMedCentral (PMCentral, PMC) will be linked to free accessible host like European PMCentral, Deutsche Nationallizenz;
Google scholar is fed to retrieve Author-hosted repository contents, i.e. from researchgate.net.

You might be interested in retrieving a PDF from a journal article's bibliography, from a slide presentation script
or from a reference short note, without the need to lookup for the journal titles abbreviation to proceed:

PNA 96 1234 is all you need to get PMID=9990007 - and to linkout immediately to the Proc-Natl-Acad-Sci-U-S-A article page.
This compares well with the original PubMed Single and batch Citation Matcher to look for PubMed Journals

These features make the third-party advanced biomedical search engine OssiPubMed-online a versatile
Free PubMed Central Alternative Bibliographic Search Interface which searches the biomedical literature -
one amongst other Entrez Global Query (NCBI, National Center for Biotechnology Information) based medline alternative web application interfaces
accessing the PubMed medical literature database using the Entrez Programming Utilities eUtils API system to perform a PubMed Medline search.

This webtool is quite similar to the omnibox browswer plugin collection at SumSearch - my php script, (no program/plugin needed) transforms more complex search phrases according to the specific database properties - applying the basic bioinformatic concept of feeding external sites engines with pre-formatted search term-containing hyperlinks. I transform full-booleans queries down to phrase if necessary to feed them most compatible

This websuite is of use to any physician, health professional, pharmacist active in applying medicine and running basic reseach in biomedicine, bioscience, drug development. It is a supplemental tool for health librarians to establish medical literature collections for the individual, for grant applications and cochrane systematic reviews. It finds grey literature like phd theses and dissertations as well as supplementary point-of-care information.

Visit the original help page to learn more about this websuite

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amongst many others.

Impressum TMG5 (Publisher, Author)
Ossip Groth (Arzt Univ-Hamburg 2003 Vollapprobation 2001 AIP; ?rztekammer Westfalen-Lippe aekwl.de)
Maria Theresia Strasse 11, D-57462 Olpe am See, www.kidney.de, olpedia@kidney.de